New Aguilar Storm King Micro Distortion Fuzz Pedal

The Aguilar Storm King micro pedal delivers a sound like no other! Its unique SHAPE control features a wide sweep of tones from a light tube-like saturation to an aggressive, dirty ripped-speaker tone and everything in between. The KICK button delivers a frequency boost for an extra bump in presence and punch. Whether you’re looking to give your instrument a tube-like, saturated tone, cutting distortion, or a massive in-your-face fuzz sound, the Storm King delivers.


The SHAPE control gives a wide range of distortion tones in a simple sweep. From an open, flat EQ tone that sounds full and present in the low-end to a fuzzy, aggressive ripped-speaker kind of distortion and everything in between.

The “Kick” button gives a frequency boost for added presence, bite, and volume.


The bassist who wants a tube-like saturated tone sweetener for added grit and character.

The bassist looking for a pedal that can cover both distortion tones and fuzz tones in a single box.

Expect to Pay $299.00

Due to Australia Late October, 2022

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