Performance & Production Solutions

Audio and production systems for concert halls, music venues, houses of worship, sporting clubs, professional hire companies and other commercial applications. Our brand portfolio represent a cross section of the performance audio market that comfortably caters for clients of all sizes, from small community events through to the world’s biggest concert halls and stadiums.

Line Array Systems

JBL Professional and Adamson are two manufacturers on the forefront of long-throw line-array technology—ideal for mid-to-large scale events and installations.

JBL Professional SRX900 Series
The SRX900 Series embodies the advanced performance principles that drive JBL's development of audio products that make a real difference in the world of professional audio. This family of powered line arrays and subwoofers addresses the growing need for affordable, scalable small and medium-format professional sound-reinforcement solutions. It’s ideal for rental companies, fixed installations and musicians seeking the ultimate combination of performance and portability.

Adamson S Series
The Adamson CS-Series o
f intelligent loudspeakers provides on-board amplification and DSP, plus Milan-certified AVB connectivity, with the same footprint as the acclaimed S-Series. CS-Series loudspeakers are available as standalone products or as an upgrade to existing S-Series products. CS Rack products include the Adamson Gateway, Bridge, Network Distribution System, and Power Distribution System. And AI Software upgrades your ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor in both mobile and installation environments. The new suite is designed with a professional audio workflow in mind: move from design & simulation, through patch, control, metering, optimization, and system diagnostics without ever leaving the system. This is Adamson’s legendary sound, evolved for the networked future of professional audio.


For more solutions consult our audio team.

Digital Mixing Consoles

Soundcraft design and manufacture a number of high-end digital consoles for a broad range of applications.

Soundcraft Vi Series
The Vi Series are Soundcraft’s flagship digital mixing consoles. Pristine sound quality is assured by ultra-low noise mic amp designs and enhanced 96kHz* 40-bit floating point digital audio processing, while FX come courtesy of Lexicon multi-FX units, BSS DPR901ii™ integration and a BSS graphic EQ on every bus output. Rapid configuration and powerful automation features, radio mic status monitoring and extensive ViSi Connect I/O expansion (EtherSound™, CobraNet™, Dante™, MADI, etc.) complete the package.

Soundcraft Si Series
The Si series see the technology of the Vi series scaled down to a more compact package.  Designed to be as simple as an analog mixer, but with radical workflow enhancements such as the unique FaderGlow™ system, massive DSP power and networking features.

Immersive Audio

Immersive audio is the next evolution of studio and live sound formats. From humble beginnings in channel-based formats like mono, stereo, quadraphonic and surround we see the technology evolve to a new object based format. 

Traditional channel-based formats are limited by speaker counts and positions in the physical space, generally reproducing sound across a horizontal plane.

Object-based immersive audio employs the use of complex data streams and decoding to map audio sources in the horizontal, vertical, near and far fields. Adamson’s Fletcher Machine and dedicated speakers and subwoofers are at the forefront of innovative technology for live applications of immersive and spatial audio reinforcement.  The Adamson Fletcher Machine can adapt to a variety of environments from simple to complex speaker setups, small or large scale venues, installations, touring, amusement parks, museums and galleries.

Enhanced Acoustic Systems

Muller BBM are the creators of the Vivace and Vicello Electronic Room Enhancement systems.

The Vivace and Vicello systems have improved the acoustic performance of many internationally recognised performance theatres all over the world including Opera House Bonn – Germany, Lørenskog Hus Storstua Cultural Center – Norway, Rachmaninow Concert Hall (Philharmonia 2) – Moscow, the Oriental Theatre Qingdao in China and our very own Sydney Opera House – Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Vivace / Vicello is an electronic room enhancement system that goes way beyond conventional systems for assisted reverberation. The Vivace & Vicello systems can be used to optimise room acoustics, true-to-life sound reinforcement, 3D immersive sound impressions and more.

Typical areas of use
Acoustic optimisation of concert halls
Enhanced variability and usability for multi-purpose halls and town halls
Tonal flexibility for opera houses
Concert hall sound for open-air events with classical music
Temporary venues for classical music
Better speech intelligibility in straight theatre performances
3D sound for theatres, events, booths
High-class directional sound reinforcement
Production tools for new cinema sound formats

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